Customers Come First

Customers Come First when Buying Our Organic Fruits and Vegetables

We appreciate all our customers and are dedicated to serving each one so we can be successful together. In fact, our very first customer is still our customer. We have been in the business since 2001 and are proud to still be serving customers who were with us right from the start as well as those who have joined us since.

Customer Testimonials

Please extend our sincere thanks to each & everyone of the team members at B&B & your visionary, Cynthia. You each have the heart & soul of what we've always believed in!! It's been 9 years and running & it seems like yesterday. I'm honored to have met you all & to see with my family what goes on behind the scenes. To this we are grateful and a proud supporter!!!!

You'll have no idea how healthy & blessed you've made our lives along with countless of families that support Keller's Organics Co-op.

Our VERY VERY BEST for all your hard work and organizing! We'll be back next year & are grateful for your every 3 wk deliveries!!

Here's to our health FARM TO FORK!!

Tami, Kirk, Nate & Annika — Ohio

It was so nice to meet you and see your home away from home :) We had such a nice time. Leea got a little restless but we did meet the vendors. Loved the tour and meeting Cynthia! I really appreciated it and getting out. As you know being in a wheelchair the last 4 years and just now getting around with out any apparatus is truly a pleasure and a lot of it is the great produce we get from you!

Karen, Mary and Leea — Michigan

Why are our customers so loyal to B&B?

We are pleased that our customers are so successful and look forward to working with you, too!

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